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Danillo GallinariThe NBA Draft came and went quicker than a Vegas night’s sleep.  All of the mocks that preceded, and all of the commentary that followed seemed to roll right along with what most of us felt prior to the “big day”: No one has any idea what is going to happen.

Yes, the Rose-Beasley combo was at the top of many lists.  But who in the world thought that a top guard would fall to Indiana, and then they would trade him away?  Who thought that Darrell Arthur would fall into Brady Quinn territory?  Who knew that the Lopez brothers both sounded like they took turns playing South Park’s Ned?

While we were blindsided by several different events of the evening, the clay has been shaped for what will likely be yet another interesting season.  And the best part?  The roster moves are far from done.

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Brook LopezThanks to one heck of a performance during the most recent NCAA tournament, those on the East Coast became aware of a guy named Brook Lopez, and the things he could do with the basketball in the low post.  In a first round that will likely be littered with big men, it wouldn’t shock many if Lopez was the first center to come off of the board.  If not, he will not be too far behind fellow West-coaster, Kevin Love.

Current mock drafts have Lopez falling anywhere from third overall to Minnesota to possibly ninth overall to Charlotte.  If he falls anywhere past nine, it would be a steal for any team selecting towards the back end of the lottery.  But what would Lopez bring to the table in terms of fantasy production?

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