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This Should Help Your Blocks and Steals

Josh Smith After missing a dozen games with an ankle injury, Hawks forward and all-around fantasy stud Josh Smith will be back in uniform for tonight’s game against Memphis.  Though, if you have him on your roster and have other options given all of tonight’s games, you may want to think twice about starting him.

“That’s the big emphasis right now is to try not to overdo it because I’m so excited to be back,” Smith said. “That’s just a part of listening to your body and knowing how many minutes your body can take the first night back. And I won’t lie, my body will have to tell me because in my mind, I want it all back right now.”

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Stat’s All Folks: Eye On The NBA Draft

Go Greg!  Get Busy!It seems that the NBA Finals ended almost quickly as they started, but for all of us NBA draftniks whose teams were not the Spurs or Cavs it’s time to more concretely look forward to next season - it’s NBA Draft time.  However, NBA general managers and scouts aren’t the only ones that need to keep an eye out for prospects to draft.  Every
fantasy basketball manager would be wise to stay on top of the incoming rooks.  Using my NBA Mock Draft over at About.com as a guide, here are the potential fantasy values for ten of the more noteworthy players that you should keep tabs on.

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Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 4, Pick 1

“BTW, Alvin, Wallace and Smith?  What, are you trying to go up against my awesome defensive combo of Marion and Big Ben?  You will lose every time!!!” Dennis Velasco, in an e-mail to the Dropping Dimes staff.

No, I am not going up against D’s awesome combo. Not that I am interested in an aging afro who averages 7 ppg and just got paid. And hey, Marion is Marion. FYI, the Dropping Dimes staff filled my inbox with several more messages in succession questioning my sanity. *sigh*

I have seen J-Smooth going earlier than this in drafts, usually in the third round. So I started to think of ways to justify the pick. Would I do this in real time with all the beans on the line? Probably not. But that is why I will do this here, so you our loyal readers (all seven of you, and I’m sure you are all loyal to my man, D!), can take a look and see if you want to take this gamble yourselves come draft day.

Round 4, Pick 1: Josh Smith, GF, Atlanta Hawks

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Dropping Dimes Draft Blog: Round 3, Pick 7

Joe JohnsonIs it a stretch that Tim Duncan will top 20 ppg again? No. What about 70% from the line? Well that is another story, is it not? It is important to slowly creep that FT% for this team up to a competitive standard.  I also want to address having Arenas as my lead guard, because as hype as he is, he is not a 8-10 per game dime dropper. Plus I want to take advantage of Gilbert’s strength in treys and TD’s dominating boards. Looks like it is time for a player with a mean game but ordinary name.

Round 3, Pick 7: Joe Johnson, PG/SG, Atlanta Hawks

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