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Dropping Dimes Two on Two Tourney: Round 2, Games 3 and 4

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Flash in retro uniThe next couple of games in our tourney are going up a bit early due to me having Father’s Day commitments tomorrow. To all the dads and families out there, have a wonderful day. Just finished watching Tiger Woods wrap up his third round…great stuff. Good luck tomorrow, Tiger.

The Celtics meeting the Lakers again in the Finals was supposed to wax nostalgia non-stop, but the ball has been pretty flat and ugly. With the Lakers blowing that huge lead in Game 4, the Celtics have a chance to clinch the series. The Lakers’ homecourt has been taken away before; Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls won three straight at the Forum to win their first championship back in 1991. I have heard the notion that MJ would never have let his team blow that lead in the Finals, and I agree. The Kobe to MJ comparisons will be cooled for a while. Here’s hoping the Lakers regroup and extend the series.

Searched the archives and found a picture of Dwyane Wade in an old Miami Heat uniform. Flash is in action this week.

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Dropping Dimes Two on Two Tourney: Round 2, Games 1 and 2

KG vs. TDGiven a choice, would you choose to have the career of Kevin Garnett or that of Tim Duncan? TD is hailed as one of the best players ever, maybe top ten all-time. He has four rings and is usually a shoo-in for first team All-NBA. KG has the better street cred, but has not had as much team success as Duncan over the span of their careers. KG and his Celtics took Game 1 of this year’s Finals, and the countdown is on until Game 2 tips off. While we wait, we can ponder these two giants in the game going up against each other this week in our hypothetical tourney.

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Dropping Dimes Two-on-Two Tourney: Round 1, Games 7 and 8

Joe J and Steve Nash

The Fig Cap: Hey, where are you watching the second round?

Man, do I have some big shoes to fill or what?  Pinch-hitting for Alvin today, I get to break down what could be two of the best match-ups we’ve seen thus far. 

While we get to see who won last week’s battles, this week brings us a few big-named bigs against two big-named guards as well as a match-up that features the recently crowned Rookie of the Year facing a former two-time MVP.  While you will likely be able guess at least two of the eight from these clues alone, let’s check out the rest of the field.

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Dropping Dimes Two-on-Two Tourney: Round 1, Games 5 and 6

Yao Ming stuffs Gerald WallaceProps to Sarge for his piece that landed on Yahoo sports. If you are into baseball, check it out. I asked Sarge for his secret to success once. He said it helps to be really, really, really good looking. We all can’t be Zoolanders like Sarge, but we can keep things rolling on in our two-on-two tourney.

Yao Ming continues to sit out of this year’s playoffs. His Houston Rockets showed some guts by winning Game 3 in Utah, but they now head home down 3-1. Regardless of the the goings on in the real world, his name has been called to step onto the court for our tourney, where we assume he is at full health and in peak condition. Who gets to partner up with Yao? Check it out.

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Dropping Dimes Two-on-Two Tourney: Round 1, Games 3 and 4

LeBron driving past Chris KamanLBJ and his Cavs got the job done against the Washington Wizards in game one of their first round series. Confidence should be admired, but adding fuel to the fire against someone like LeBron seems like risky business. Just ask Chris Bosh’s girlfriend.

Let’s recap the opening two games and set up the two-on-two matches for the upcoming week.

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Results of Playoff Auction Draft

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LeBron JamesThe GMs in my main league gathered last night for our first ever auction draft for our playoff pool. In years past, we would randomly set a draft order and pick players in a serpentine fashion. However that always seemed a bit unfair to the people drafting later in the order.

The auction draft was a blast. When did LBJ go and how much was the winning bid for him? Check out the draft results now.

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Beyond The Arc - Week 24

(Editors Note: Apologies for the tardiness of this post.  While Brandon was punctual as usual, I’m late in pinch-hitting the posting of his piece.  Try saying that five times fast.)

Gilbert ArenasSo, next week is the first week of the league finals in most formats.  Hopefully you are still alive, and even more so, hopefully you’ve had fun this season.  For me personally, this was my best and most fulfilling fantasy season to date.  Take a long look at that roster, see what you can dump, see what you can move around, and take a look at who’s hot and who’s not, because these final two weeks are what it’s all about.  This week I’ll try and focus on guys who you may still be able to pick up.

Here’s next week’s slate of games (4/7-4/13):

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2007-08 Fantasy NBA MVP

LeBron vs. Kobe It’s just a matter of time before the usual suspects roll out their year-end awards and mock draft first round predictions for next season. Obviously there is still much to be decided this season; namely head-to-head leagues are in the middle of the semi-final week, the playoff pictures in both the East and the West need to be decided, and an NCAA champ needs to be crowned.

So I figure Dropping Dimes might as well be the place to stay ahead of the curve and look at the candidates for the real and fantasy MVP. If we are looking for four players to make up a “Mount Rushmore” for the 2007-08 season, three players end up being no-brainer picks. The fourth? Well, read on.

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Playoff Picture: East vs. West

Chris Paul
If you need a fantasy fix because your playoffs draw near, feel free to check our playoff primers for the Western and Eastern conferences. Also see some science being dropped in the latest installment of Sarge’s Wire to Wire and Brandon’s Beyond the Arc. And if you have some extra idle time, you can think up all the different ways to interpret B’s Fig Cap.

For now we take a walk on the reality side to focus on the playoff races going on in the NBA. Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets have been surprisingly great all year; how deep into the playoffs will they go?

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Time to set up a Playoff Pool?

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Description In your league, two of you get the week off because of a hard-earned first-round bye. Four of you look to beat each other senseless in the first round of fantasy hoops, head-to-head action. The rest of you/us? Unless it’s a keeper league, or next year’s draft order is on the line, it’s close to check-out time on a lost season.

Just noticed that we now have 50 pages of archives. I have not been very active this year contributing to this site, and definitely regret this fact. Over the year, two of the original team have left. A lot has changed, but I am going to try to re-dedicate myself to this blog and our loyal following. On the horizon once the regular season ends will be our second fantasy one-on-one tourney, but with a twist. So once the fantasy trophies have been won and engraved, check us out here when you get a chance and see what’s happening.

In the meantime, I dug through the archives and found an old post I wrote about setting up a playoff pool. If you are new to the idea, it might be a place to start.

The GMs in my main league are going to try out an auction draft for our playoff pool this year. Keep reading if that interests you. Are you going to end up banking on a Celts-Cavs showdown in the second round? Maybe!

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